Автоматизированная машина разрыва (ARM) - разрывающийся к flac, не разрываясь к mp3

Таким образом, я настроил ARM, и он работал правильно на flac файлы. Однако, когда я настроил его для mp3 (я делаю, это для кого-то еще заканчивается, они предпочитают mp3), это не работает.

Что касается журналов:

[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: Starting ARM processing at 2019-11-17    00:01:17.3539
[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: ARM version: 2.0.1-stable
[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: Python version: 3.6.8 (default, Oct  7 2019, 12:59:55) [GCC 8.3.0]
[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: Looking for log files older than 1 days old.
[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: Starting Disc identification
[2019-11-17 00:01:17] INFO ARM: Mounting disc to: /mnt/dev/sr1
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: **** Logging ARM variables ****
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: devpath: /dev/sr1
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: mountpoint: /mnt/dev/sr1
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: videotitle: 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: videoyear: 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: videotype: 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: hasnicetitle: False
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: label: LimpBizkitECD
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: disctype: music
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: **** End of ARM variables ****
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: **** Logging config parameters ****
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: skip_transcode: False
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: mainfeature: True
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: minlength: 600
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: maxlength: 99999
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: videotype: auto
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: ripmethod: backup
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: mkv_args: 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: delrawfile: True
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: hb_preset_dvd: High Profile
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: hb_preset_bd: High Profile
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: hb_args_dvd: --subtitle scan -F
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: hb_args_bd: --subtitle scan -F --subtitle-burned --audio-lang-list eng --all-audio
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: logfile: /home/arm/logs/LimpBizkitECD.log
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: armpath: /home/arm/Desktop
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: rawpath: /home/arm/media/raw/
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: media_dir: /home/arm/media/movies/
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: extras_sub: extras
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: emby_refresh: False
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: emby_server: 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: emby_port: 8096
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: notify_rip: True
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: notify_transcode True
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: **** End of config parameters ****
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: Disc identified as music
[ERROR] abcde: mp3gain is not in your path.
[INFO] Define the full path to the executable if it exists on your system.
[INFO] Hint: sudo apt-get install 
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] ERROR ARM: Call to abcde failed with code: 1(b'')
[2019-11-17 00:01:21] INFO ARM: Music rip failed.  See previous errors.  Exiting.

кажется, что существует неправильный путь к mp3 кодеру, однако когда я смотрю на abcde.conf файл, путь кажется в порядке мне.

# -----------------$HOME/.abcde.conf----------------- #
# A sample configuration file to convert music cds to 
#       FLAC using abcde version 2.7.2
#       http://andrews-corner.org/abcde.html
# -------------------------------------------------- #
# This script was copied from the above site with the following modification:
# Set to non-interactive
# CDDMETHOD=cddb since it's more reliable (for my CDs)
# Enabled getalbumart
# Change output format from artist-album to artist/album


# Encode tracks immediately after reading. Saves disk space, gives
# better reading of 'scratchy' disks and better troubleshooting of
# encoding process but slows the operation of abcde quite a bit:

# Specify the method to use to retrieve the track information,
# the alternative is to specify 'cddb':

# Make a local cache of cddb entries and then volunteer to use 
# these entries when and if they match the cd:

# Specify the encoder to use for FLAC. In this case
# flac is the only choice.
# Specify the path to the selected encoder. In most cases the encoder
# should be in your $PATH as I illustrate below, otherwise you will 
# need to specify the full path. For example: /usr/bin/flac
# Specify your required encoding options here. Multiple options can
# be selected as '--best --another-option' etc.
# Overall bitrate is about 880 kbs/s with level 8.
FLACOPTS='-s -e -V -8' 
LAMEOPTS='--preset extreme'

# Output type for FLAC.

# The cd ripping program to use. There are a few choices here: cdda2wav,
# dagrab, cddafs (Mac OS X only) and flac. New to abcde 2.7 is 'libcdio'.

# Give the location of the ripping program and pass any extra options,
# if using libcdio set 'CD_PARANOIA=cd-paranoia'.

# Give the location of the CD identification program:       

# Give the base location here for the encoded music files.

# The default actions that abcde will take.

# Decide here how you want the tracks labelled for a standard 'single-artist',
# multi-track encode and also for a multi-track, 'various-artist' encode:

# Decide here how you want the tracks labelled for a standard 'single-artist',
# single-track encode and also for a single-track 'various-artist' encode.
# (Create a single-track encode with 'abcde -1' from the commandline.)

# Create playlists for single and various-artist encodes. I would suggest
# commenting these out for single-track encoding.

# This function takes out dots preceding the album name, and removes a grab
# bag of illegal characters. It allows spaces, if you do not wish spaces add
# in -e 's/ /_/g' after the first sed command.
mungefilename ()
  echo "$@" | sed -e 's/^\.*//' | tr -d ":><|*/\"'?[:cntrl:]"

# What extra options?
MAXPROCS=2                              # Run a few encoders simultaneously
PADTRACKS=y                             # Makes tracks 01 02 not 1 2
EXTRAVERBOSE=2                          # Useful for debugging
COMMENT='abcde version 2.8.1'           # Place a comment...
EJECTCD=y                               # Please eject cd when finished :-)

У Вас есть какие-либо идеи, что могло бы отсутствовать?

Править: Я нахожусь на Ubuntu 18.04

Edit2: Я вставил журналы два раза вместо журналов и abcde.conf, теперь зафиксированного.

задан 17 November 2019 в 04:33

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Проблема возникает из Вашего .abcde.conf файл, где Вы указали следующее:


преступник replaygain,, который работает достаточно хорошо, когда Вы кодируете к flac abcde использование metaflac для добавления replaygain информации. Однако то, когда Вы кодируете к mp3 abcde, призывает к replaygain приложению, названному mp3gain, который является больше не доступен в Ubuntu 18.04.

, к которой самая легкая фиксация просто , опускают replaygain 'действие' следующим образом:


И затем все должны быть хорошо...

ответ дан 7 December 2019 в 13:13

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