Weird display boot up problem with output writing over my command line

Ive got 18.04 installed on my offline HP blade server, and have been thrashing about since then trying to install a GUI and other things requiring a local repository etc. I have another question posted about all that. While that has been stumbling forward I have acquired this other problem where by the time the enclosure, server, and ubuntu have booted to command line login prompt, theres this monitor detect error (only monitor involved still working fine) whose syntax is like the following.

First on every line a number like this: [1234.123456]

Then another bracketed entity like this:

(drm:radeon error vga-1 :probed a monitor but no|invalid EDID)

I cant swear thats verbatim, but close. These lines continue to display, one after another with the [1234.123456] numbers to the left ascending in order, writing over, into the middle of what Im trying to type at the command prompt. This doesn't effect what Im typing. Even with all the characters inserted in my attempt at "sudo apt-get upd[1234.123456][....]ate" or similar, the commands still work, the inserted or pasted over characters ignored when you hit return. ..... это раздражает.

Мысли о том, как избавиться от этого?

задан 14 June 2020 в 09:47

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Это постоянная ошибка, например, для Raspberry Pi, если вы ее не достигнете, она сделает то же самое, что и Вы получите там. Я предлагаю Google исправить ошибку или подождите, пока кто-нибудь еще не поймет эту идею.

Также отключите монитор VGA-1 и смените кабель. Это может быть сломано.

ответ дан 19 June 2020 в 21:25

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