Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Intel AX200

I'm a new user to Ubuntu, but a novice/moderate experienced Linux user. I am getting strange Bluetooth behavior, and I found out my new hardware is Intel chipset that is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, under Additional Drivers in Software and Updates, the problem only shows up as my Wi-Fi.

Additional Drivers in Software and Updates

The driver backport is completely blacked out. That backport should have fixed the issue, especially since the kernel has compatibility with this Intel chipset.

Also, the Wi-Fi is working fine. Bandwidth tests show it is working at full speed.

Ideas how to troubleshoot from the command line to manually use the driver backport?

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Sorry this is not an answer on how to debug bluetooth, but I cannot post comments yet, so I'm giving you these information here.

Intel AX200 is having major problems with linux (for instance, i have the same card and sometimes, on boot, the card stops working and it won't come back to life unless I temporarily disable the battery of my laptop directly from the BIOS)^[1].

According to the answer of this post, what you see on the additional drivers is not actually a real problem.

Nonetheless, if you search for errors with dmsg or with journalctl you will find errors of this kind:

[   44.601884] iwlwifi 0000:52:00.0: Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-cc-a0-49.ucode failed with error -2

If you check this thread, this seems to be a kernel problem, which is trying to load the wrong driver. Последние версии ядра (5.5+), кажется, решают эту проблему, но ubuntu 20.04 все еще находится на версии ядра 5.4, и я уверен, что она не изменится до следующей версии LTS ядра (2021?).

Я так не думаю отвечает на ваш вопрос, но я действительно надеюсь, что это вам поможет.

[1] Вы можете назвать это «принудительным электронным сбросом», отключение и повторное подключение самой карты Wi-Fi работает так же, но я понятия не имею, почему мне нужно это сделать. это.

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