juju not responding

Some sort of mess I have made by not properly cleaning resources under juju, so after that any other command but "juju controllers" would stuck and not responding.

How to delete those rather non existing controllers from the list reported?

$ juju controllers
Use --refresh option with this command to see the latest information.

Controller  Model    User              Access     Cloud/Region         Models  Nodes    HA  Version
alter-ego   default  admin             superuser  localhost/localhost       1      1  none  2.9-beta1    
osm-k8s     osm      admin             superuser  microk8s/localhost        2      -     -  2.9-beta1  
osm-lxd*    default  admin             superuser  localhost/localhost       2      1  none  2.8.0
задан 18 June 2020 в 03:55

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juju destroy-controller --help

This can be a good start. It gives you additional options like:



--destroy-storage  or --release-storage

Examples: # Уничтожить контроллер и все размещенные модели. Если есть # постоянное хранилище, оставшееся в любой из моделей, затем # это побудит вас выбрать либо уничтожить, либо отпустить # хранение. juju destroy-controller --destroy-all-models mycontroller

# Destroy the controller and all hosted models, destroying
# any remaining persistent storage.
juju destroy-controller --destroy-all-models --destroy-storage

# Destroy the controller and all hosted models, releasing
# any remaining persistent storage from Juju's control.
juju destroy-controller --destroy-all-models --release-storage
ответ дан 19 June 2020 в 21:23

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