Удаление папки / usr / share / icons, теперь значки отсутствуют [дубликат]

Я случайно удалил папку / usr / share / icons, и теперь на моем GNOME3 DE отсутствуют некоторые значки, а также значок ПОКАЗАТЬ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ и значки в правом верхнем углу.

Что мне делать?

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задан 21 June 2020 в 09:33

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You can check which packages have files in /usr/share/icons by running:

$ dpkg -S /usr/share/icons
fontforge-common, gnome-sudoku, gnome-software-common, drumkv1-common, cheese-common, libkf5purpose-bin:amd64, libpeas-common, usb-creator-gtk, qemu-system-data, libgeocode-glib0:amd64, orca, modemmanager, rosegarden, gcr, aptdaemon-data, aisleriot, kipi-plugins-common, digikam-data, indicator-applet, imagemagick-6.q16, hugin-data, rygel, xjadeo, ubuntu-artwork, compton, transmission-common, thunderbird, gnome-power-manager, gnome-mahjongg, yelp, gnome-font-viewer, gnome-control-center-data, gnome-characters, cabextract, gnome-screenshot, gnome-mines, audacity-data, apport, software-properties-gtk, vlc-data, calf-plugins, indicator-printers, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-disk-utility, gnome-shell-common, eog, indicator-messages, xcursor-themes, ubuntu-web-launchers, gnome-todo-common, inkscape, ario-common, gnome-calculator, vim-common, indicator-session, unity-settings-daemon, poedit, gnome-online-accounts, rhythmbox-data, hicolor-icon-theme, blender-data, obs-studio, feh, gnome-calendar, totem-common, firefox, qdigidoc-tera, deja-dup, synaptic, update-notifier, nautilus-data, qsynth, qjackctl, vmpk, network-manager-gnome, file-roller, openshot-qt, yaru-theme-icon, oxygen-icon-theme, skypeforlinux, amsynth, dgedit, kdenlive-data, kdeconnect, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-logs, gmrun, xmonad, pianobooster, dmz-cursor-theme, minuet-data, baobab, wireshark-common, compizconfig-settings-manager, simple-scan, shotwell-common, seahorse, gnome-accessibility-themes, breeze-icon-theme, ibus-data, humanity-icon-theme, remmina-common, gedit-common, winetricks, virt-viewer, virt-manager, samplv1-common, fwupd, evince, flowblade, marble-qt-data, ubuntu-mono, adwaita-icon-theme, gnome-terminal, lmms-common, libreoffice-common, qdigidoc4, evolution-common, gimp-data, hydrogen-data, libkf5sane-data: /usr/share/icons

If you want the icons for a particular package back, you can re-install it. That will restore any missing files:

apt reinstall gimp-data

The only side-effect I can think of is that these packages will then be marked as manually installed and won't be later removed by apt autoremove if you've removed the package that caused them to be installed in the first place. I can't immediately see an option for disabling that though :(

If you want to reinstall all of the packages (which would make sense) you can use sed to get rid of the commas in dpkg -S output so it would be easier to copy-paste on to an sudo apt reinstall command line:

$ dpkg -S /usr/share/icons | sed -e 's#,##g'
ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:22

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