htop Использование памяти в сравнении с изображенной панелью

Прикрепленный снимок экрана с командой htop . Мне интересно, почему панель Mem заполнена на 50%, когда используется только 4,1 ГБ из 126 ГБ. Мем-бар и 4,1 ГБ цифры представляют что-то другое? enter image description here

задан 21 June 2020 в 13:48

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See the htop faq:

The memory meter in htop says a low number, such as 9%, when top shows something like 90%! (Or: the MEM% number is low, but the bar looks almost full. What's going on?)

The number showed by the memory meter is the total memory used by processes. The additional available memory is used by the Linux kernel for buffering and disk cache, so in total almost the entire memory is in use by the kernel. I believe the number displayed by htop is a more meaningful metric of resources used: the number corresponds to the green bars; the blue and brown bars correspond to buffers and cache, respectively (as explained in the Help screen accessible through the F1 key). Numeric data about these is also available when configuring the memory meter to display as text (in the Setup screen, F2).

ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:25

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