Why do I get this error when opening Tor Browser

I'm fairly new with Ubuntu and Linux in general. Out of curiosity I installed the Tor Browser, but when opening it, there is just this error message.

Thank you in advance!

This is the error I get

задан 10 July 2020 в 15:19

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First, I would never use Tor from an installation repository. The very reason to use Tor is anonymity. Uninstall and then:

  1. Download from https://www.torproject.org/download/. You get a file with a name ending tar.xz.
  2. Right-click on the file to unpack it (see to it that you have xz-utils installed)
  3. In the directory that is the result of unpacking the tar.xz file you have a directory called Browser and a file called Tor Browser Setup. Double-click on the setup file and Tor will be properly setup and will start. The Tor Browser Setup file will change name to Tor Browser, which is the file you double-click in the future to start Tor.

You can place the directory where ever suits you.

ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:10

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