, как я могу одновременно разместить обычный веб-сайт и веб-приложение с флягой Python, используя apache

Ok so the title might be a little confusing but, basically i'm trying to keep my normal website as

www.website.com but also be able to easily deploy any python flask web app on say www.website.com/flaskapp

is there any way i could do that?

задан 19 July 2020 в 20:43

1 ответ

This has been answered at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14181364/running-a-flask-website-in-a-subdirectory-with-apache

That said - I'd recommend to host your flask app via a subdomain, eg. flaskapp.website.com - this makes it easier to maintain.

ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:05

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