Дождаться завершения предыдущей команды при использовании tee

Я использую tee следующим образом:

some commands | tee -a >(command1 >> file) >(command2 >> file) >(command3 >> file)

Как я могу отложить выполнение команды2 до конца команды1, и то же самое для команды3 и команды2? Я попытался использовать wait , как это, но это не сработало:

some commands | tee -a >(command1 >> file) >(wait command2 >> file) >(wait command3 >> file)
задан 20 July 2020 в 00:49

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Looks like there is some logic missing along with syntax errors.

tee -a will pass output to STDOUT and append simultaneously, no need to use >

And why so many output redirects? May be you should utilize && or ;

Not sure what commands you running but below might give you at least an idea.

some commands | tee -a file; command1 >> file; command2 >> file; command3 >> file 

some commands | tee -a file will show STDOUT and write to file, regardless of the exit code, because there is ; next command1 >> file will be executed then command2 and then command3 and so on.

some commands | tee -a file; command1 | tee -a file; command2 | tee -a file; command3 | tee -a file 

Here every command set divided by ; will be executed in order from left to right and also every command output will be shown in STDOUT

ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:05

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