How to correct Spanish orthographic spelling errors in file names

Я использую Ubuntu Studio 20.04.

Интересно, есть ли это какое-то приложение для автоматического исправления "нормальных" орфографических ошибок / ошибок испанского языка в именах файлов любой папки на жестком диске.

Я говорю о чем-то вроде внутренней автоматической проверки орфографии в LibreOffice, но в GUI файлового менеджера.

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I've never seen an app like that, but you could copy all the file names to a new text file from the terminal and then open the text file in LibreOffice Writer and use Writer's spell-checking feature to spell-check the file names. It wouldn't be too time-consuming to do it that way if there weren't too many orthographic spelling errors that needed to be corrected.

If there aren't too many orthographic spelling errors that need to be corrected it wouldn't take too long to rename the file names one at a time manually. You can automate this process by installing gprename with sudo apt install gprename which adds context menu renaming functionality to Files file manager, including renaming multiple files in the same directory according to find and replace expressions.

Here is an example of batch renaming multiple files. I have a group of text files in the same directory. I want to open all of them in LibreOffice writer to change them from plain text into formatted text. First I select all the files, copy them and paste them. This creates multiple new files named like old_file (copy).txt, etc. Then I batch rename the copies from like old_file (copy).txt to a form like old_file.odt by replacing (copy).txt with .odt for all of the selected files together.

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