g++: error: /usr/lib64/atlas/libsatlas.so: No such file or directory

Это включено в Shotwell .8, который вы можете получить здесь.

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As noted in the software's README.txt file:

This program has been built on a fedora18 x64 machine and tested on Mac OS X. *No assistance* will be given to compile the code on other OS.

One way that appears to work (I've only tested it with ./deepmatching --help) is:

  • install the libatlas-base-dev package and its dependencies

  • run

     make clean
     make LAPACKLDFLAGS="$(pkg-config --cflags --libs blas-atlas)"

Note that this is almost certainly not the only way and quite possibly not the optimum way, since there is a multitude of different BLAS/LAPACK/ATLAS implementations available in Ubuntu. See for example What is the relation between BLAS, LAPACK and ATLAS

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