Выход HDMI Dell Precision 7530 не работает

I am trying to get my HDMI output on my Dell Precision 7530 working. The USB-C to HDMI adapter works perfectly fine, but the HDMI output on the back does not. xrandr reports that HDMI-1 disconnected

What I have tried:

  • lightdm
  • Disconnecting the HDMI montitor and reconnecting it during after login.
  • forcing the screen to display using xrandr
  • running sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
  • Purging the nvidia drivers:
sudo apt-get purge 'nvidia*'
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers
sudo apt-get update
  • Using prime-select to switch between Intel and nVidia

During the install at one point I had a wierd thing happen where I had my HDMI monitor outputting the login screen and my laptop and USB-C monitor outputting the Dell boot screen logo. This went away after reboot, and that was the last time my HDMI monitor worked with ubuntu.

What can I do to get it working or am I just done for?

задан 21 July 2020 в 23:57

1 ответ

Я исправил это, купив другой адаптер USB C к DVI и используя его вместо выхода HDMI на задней панели. компьютера.

ответ дан 30 July 2020 в 22:04

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