Как получить последнюю версию Acrobat Reader (не Acrobat Reader 9)

Я использую Acrobat Reader 9, и я заметил, что эта версия с 2013 года! Мне интересно, как я могу получить последнюю версию Acrobat Reader в Ubuntu 20.04

задан 1 August 2020 в 22:43

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You have already know about native 9.5.5 which is old.

The other option is to install Acrobat Reader using Wine. Also we know that it fails to access files from /tmp while using acrordrdc snap package.

So we need to install it manually using Wine and PlayOnLinux. Below is how:

  1. Install PlayOnLinux

    sudo apt-get install playonlinux
  2. Launch PlayOnLinux

  3. Click Install, enter acrobat into the search field

  4. Select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for installation

  5. Proceed with one of the following:

  6. Wait wizard to finish.

  7. To get all fonts and remove visual artifacts save the code below to some file - for example ~/Downloads/acrordrc2020.pol with contents below

    #!/usr/bin/env playonlinux-bash
    [ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
    source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"
    TITLE="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC"
    EDITOR="Adobe Systems Inc."
    AUTHOR="Martins Bruvelis, N0rbert (to support ARDC 2020)"
    POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "$EDITOR" "$GAME_URL" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"
    # select prefix
    POL_System_TmpCreate "$PREFIX"
    POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"
    # setup prefix
    POL_Call POL_Install_atmlib
    POL_Call POL_Install_corefonts
    #POL_Call POL_Install_allfonts
    POL_Call POL_Install_wsh57
    POL_Call POL_Install_mspatcha
    POL_Call POL_Install_riched30
    POL_Call POL_Install_riched20
    POL_Call POL_Install_gdiplus
    POL_Call POL_Install_FontsSmoothRGB
    POL_Call POL_Install_d3dx11
    POL_Call POL_Install_d3dx10
    POL_Call POL_Install_directx9
    POL_Wine_WaitBefore "$ TITLE"
    POL_Wine_WaitExit "$ TITLE"
  8. In the PlayOnLinux window select ToolsRun a local script and specify path to it (~/Downloads/acrordrc2020.pol), confirm its execution and wait it to finish.

  9. Set file association for PDF file with Acrobat in PlayOnLinux by choosing SettingsFile Associations, then click New, enter pdf and associate it with Acrobat in the bottom of window.

  10. Open file manager, select PDF file and use Open With to get it opened using newly installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  11. Enjoy:


ответ дан 2 August 2020 в 21:58

You already have the latest version. There is no newer one. Adobe stopped supporting Linux many, many years ago.

ответ дан 2 August 2020 в 21:58

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