Has anyone been able to get a iMac iSight camera to work in Google Meet inside Chromium?

Just took an old Late 2006 iMac, maxed out the hardware upgrades, and installed Ubuntu 20.04 to be my kids' new remote learning computer. Found so much help on this site. Thanks!

Basically everything is working perfectly now EXCEPT the built-in iSight camera for Google Meet (school requirement), but only when running in Chromium. The video camera works fine in Cheese, Zoom, and even ironically works in Firefox running Google Meet.

I have entirely turned off the "prompt for camera access" setting in Chromium... can't find any other kind of access or privacy restrictions related to cameras.

This is a pretty minor issue because we can just use Firefox for that one app, but it kind of irks me. I'm curious if anyone else has run into this and managed to get around it. This iMac has the older iSight camera, rather than the FaceTimeHD that's in the newer models.

задан 11 August 2020 в 17:13

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Сделайте это из командной строки

sudo snap connect chromium:camera :camera

и прокомментируйте, если это сработало для вас;)

Нашел на Launchpad .

ответ дан 11 August 2020 в 20:06

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