Ubuntu 20.04 — Where do I find options for desktop background images?

Changing the desktop background image in Ubuntu 20.04 is easy. Just open settings (gear in upper right corner of screen), choose background and click the image you want. You can add your own image by right-clicking the image or image file and choosing "Set as wallpaper". I've done that, but I don't get the entire image. Portions are cropped from the top and the left edge. Where do I find the image options? It would be nice to center the image, or maybe stretch it. Seems like there used to be a "fill" option. Where are those options? They aren't in settings and Gnome Tweaks doesn't have them either. Suggestions?

задан 23 August 2020 в 02:34

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Перейдите в «Настройки» -> «Внешний вид» и под разделом «Фон» есть панель настройки. Выберите тот, который вам подходит, и я думаю, это поможет.

Shown in Image Here

ответ дан 24 August 2020 в 08:20

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