ifconfig: command not found [duplicate]

I've been trying to use the tool HT-WPS-BREAKER on Ubuntu 20.04, I run it as it should be, then I select the second choice which is Attack automatically with Airodump-ng. (WEP/WPS{WPA/WPA2}) but after that, I keep getting the following error

HT-WB.sh: line 724: ifconfig: command not found

I've tried googling the problem but yet I've found no solution.

an attached image that shows the error more accurately

задан 23 August 2020 в 14:29

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Мне удалось исправить проблему после комментария heynnema . Решением было установить пакет gnome-nettool .

ответ дан 24 August 2020 в 08:20

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