Using unison for sync, can't get backups working

I'm using unison to sync a directory on my laptop with a directory on a network share. The sync is working, but I'd like unison to make backup copies, and I can't get that to work.

This is the command I'm currently using:

unison /home/robin/Sync/unison /media/nas/robin/unison -perms 0 -batch -auto -confirmbigdel=false -backuploc local -maxbackups 30 -prefer newer -fastcheck true -repeat 105

I had this working on Ubuntu Mate 18.04, but I've since upgraded to Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and now it doesn't work. I'm not sure exactly when the backups stopped working, so I'm not sure if the upgrade is relevant.

The unison preferences file just has a list of ignore paths.

There are no errors in the unison log, or when I run the command in a terminal (it's normally stared via cron).

Can anyone suggest what's going wrong, or ways to troubleshoot this?

задан 6 August 2020 в 16:14

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У меня все заработало , Я добавил опцию

-backup 'Name *'

, и теперь она создает резервные копии.

ответ дан 11 August 2020 в 20:09

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