Как писать с французским акцентом в Ubuntu 20.04

I recently installed Ubuntu 20.4 and looking a way to write French accents. On Windows I used TypeIt app which provides a fast way to write different accents of the same letter. The idea is to press AltGr+a key, each time you press the same key while holding AltGr it will type that key with different accents.

For example, I press AltGr+e once - it types é, I keep holding AltGr and press e second time - it types è, third time - ê.

I was looking on the Internet how to change keys mapping but didn't find a way of assigning multiple different letters based on how many times I pressed a key.

I am aware of US intern. + dead keys, but this way doesn't look convenient for me.

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If you use a standard US keyboard, the easiest way obviously would be to use the US International layout, even if currently, it does not look convenient to you. It provides the most simple approach, using dead keys, to provide accented letters such as ê, é, è. Alt_right, provides you a ç.

If you do not want the dead keys at times when you do not type French, then you can still set up US International next to your regular keyboard layout, and switch to the US international layout when desired.

Alternatively, the classical Linux way of entering accented letters is by enabling a Compose key. The compose key allows a wide variety of characters to be entered. It works with your regular keyboard layout. Assuming you use the standard desktop of Ubuntu 20.04, you can set up a compose key in Gnome Tweaks (not installed by default!) on the "Keyboard & Mouse" tab. To use it, press the compose key and then a sequence of characters. If you defined for example left Alt as the compose key, you would enter ç as left_Altc,.

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There are some handy packages to manipulate each key and mouse button.
Пакеты xmodmap xbindkeys xdotool и xte популярны.

sudo apt install x11-xserver-utils
sudo apt install xbindkeys

Отредактируйте ~ / .xbindkeysrc добавьте строки ниже. (если такого файла нет xbindkeys --defaults> $ HOME / .xbindkeysrc , чтобы создать его.

"xdotool key U00e9"

"xdotool key U00e8"

Сохраните этот файл и
pkill -f xbindkeys && xbindkeys
выполните эту команду, чтобы применить изменения.

Итак, AltGr + e должен ввести é и AltGr + w + и типа и .
But I am afraid that I haven't tested this. I am not sure this works or not.

I love using Compose key and its combinations.
How to get letter "ć" with the dead keys?
It depends how often you need an accent letter, if it's only once in a week then I recommend Control+Shift+U and type a hexdecimal number (00e9) then Space, you get é

ответ дан 21 August 2020 в 08:00

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