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I'm using VS code installed via snap. The latest version has an annoying bug in it and I want to revert to the previous version, but I don't see a way to tell snap to install a specific version. All I see with snap info are the different channels which all yield to the latest version. Also on the Snapcraft website I can't select another version.

In the snap docs it says that I could revert, but this doesn't work for me, as there is no prior version installed.

I can download a snap with the specific version from the VS code website, June 2020 (version 1.47), but I personally would prefer to handle this by snap directly.

There seem to be some people with the same problem, but I didn't find a working answer:

The question summed up is: Is there a possibility to revert to an older snap version and if yes, how to do that?

задан 20 August 2020 в 10:08

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Вы можете установить определенную старую версию в оснастке, что не является проблемой. Взгляните на этот ответ для получения подробных инструкций.

Ваша настоящая проблема в том, что в репозитории Snap для Visual Studio Code нет старых версий, только одна последняя версия:

snap info code
ответ дан 21 August 2020 в 07:54

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