Ignore idividual (non-security related) updates fron Discover in Kubuntu 20.04 LTS

Before I get flamed..

I don't want to ignore important security updates or updates for any programs that could be security risks or compromised.

Just programs I use for note taking or music production or what-have-you. Offline programs that don't do any networking, upload or download anything, or connect to anything or receive connections, that I have set up in a very particular way and are working just as I need them to and don't want banjanxed by an update.

And I would like to only see the "Update Available" notification when important things are available like Kubuntu patches or Firefox updates or important things that I absolutely do want. This may include non-critical updates for other programs so I'd prefer not to reduce my notification status to critical security updates only. Just trying to ignore a very small few selectively.

Currently it is always showing and I keep checking it periodically only to see it's updates for offline programs that I don't want messed with.

Thanks for any help in advance

задан 21 November 2020 в 13:01

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