Ubuntu doesn't fully boot - MacbookPro

So I installed yesterday Ubuntu from USB stick and everything was fine 'till I rebooted after update (I didn't plug in the wire when I was installing). Mac informed me about some Moklist (I think I remembered right) error. Then moved on to boot Ubuntu.

Only the issue is that it shows splashscreen and loading the os then I have just black screen with dash blinking in top left corner.

I tried reinstalling from the USB (whiped the HDD for good measure) yet issue still persists.

I'm fairly sure I failed with that Moklist but I don't know how to fix that.

I usually deal with normal PCs with Win where u only need to swear and shout at it for few hours to fix it.

I don't have OSX on that Mac. It is Macbook Pro 17" late 2008 (if it matters somehow) I prepared the USB stick according to this tutorial

задан 21 November 2020 в 17:43

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