BlueZ выдает ошибку «Отсутствует разрешение CAP_NET_ADMIN»

Мне нужно определить источник проблемы. Сообщение об ошибке:

qt.bluetooth.bluez: Missing CAP_NET_ADMIN permission. Cannot determine whether a found address is of random or public type.
qt.bluetooth.bluez: SDP scan failure QProcess::NormalExit 3

My C/C++ code , based on QT , scans for "bluetoooth service " and fails to complete. It just times out as it should when the scan is completed.

Otherwise my code works as expected, hence no OS problem...
This error is posted by "bluez" - so why not look there first? 
I was hoping somebody knows the answer...

I'll czech bluez.  

задан 31 December 2021 в 22:49

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