Slow USB Speed Likely due to uhci driver being loaded

It seems all my USB devices are being throttled back to USB1.1 (Full-Speed), and the best I can tell it's due to the kernel loading the uhci driver for the instead of ehci. I've tried every iteration of the USB settings in the BIOS to try and get any device to load with ehci, but they always come with uhci.

Here's the dmesg output during boot

And here is when I attach a USB2.0 thumbdrive

This is on an older Zotac board, but it does have 6 USB 2.0 ports, so I'm trying to figure out why they won't use the ehci (High-speed) driver.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is further into linux troubleshooting I've ever had to go before.

System: ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 Работает: сервер Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

задан 12 June 2020 в 17:37

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Я наконец-то смог ее решить. Похороненный в BOIS в настройках южного моста контроллер USB2.0 был отключен. D'о!

ответ дан 19 June 2020 в 21:35

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