20.04 local repository not working for updates/installs

I successfully created a local repository on a 20.04 server VM in a VMware ESXi 6.7 environment using apt-mirror, however I'm not able to perform installs or updates from that repository. Multiple errors indicate 404 not found which is appropriate for the file icons-64x64@2.rar because it wasn't found in the repository in the expected location.

When attempting to install packages, the message "E: Package 'packagename' has no installation candidate" is returned. The screenshot was taken from a 20.04 desktop VM with address repository host name is "repo" which resolves to address
This configuration has been tested multiple times in multiple environments with the same results. For example, a 20.04 server VM from a fresh snapshot was used and the results were the same as the original attempt. A second VMware environment was used to host a 20.04 server and 20.04 desktop VMs and the results were the same.

In both environments, neither server or desktop VMs were able to successfully use the local repository. The server wasn't able to utilize the repository that it was hosting locally.

Attached is a screenshot that shows the results of an update as well as the sources.list and a web browser pointing to the repository contents.
If anybody has recommendations for getting the local repository working, I'd be most grateful.

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задан 12 August 2020 в 02:06

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Проблема существует с версией apt-mirror, которая поставляется с Ubuntu 20.04.
Из-за следующих проблем на github она приводит к сбою обновлений apt при использовании локальных репозиториев.

Вот ссылка на обновленный Пакет apt-mirror, который я использовал для решения этой проблемы.

ответ дан 21 August 2020 в 08:03

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