Последнее обновление заморозило систему Kubuntu 18.04

Возможно, вам захочется попробовать Moonlight 3 Preview (это было необходимо для просмотра некоторых видеороликов, например, для работы в Eurosport)

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The amdgpu drivers are not compatible with the latest version of the kernel. So I uninstalled them and then made sure to have the open source graphics drivers installed that come with the system by default.


Uninstall AMD graphics drivers.

# Use this for All-Open components

# Use this for Pro components


Install open source graphics drivers.

If you're running Ubuntu 18.04, you already have the open source AMD drivers installed. They're integrated into Mesa and the Linux kernel. Since, Ubuntu 18.04 is new, it'll have some of the latest features. However, if you want the absolute latest as long as you're running your system, there's an excellent PPA that packages Git versions of Mesa.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

With this in place I can enjoy a full boot into the system with latest kernel and latest update without any errors.

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